An instructive lesson

Michael Hill a great day for Southern Nationalism 19 May 2014Ever seen the movie “Animal House?” There is an instructive lesson for us in that movie about Southern “conservatives” who blindly follow the Republican Party.

Remember the Faber College homecoming parade toward the end when the drum major of the marching band is shoved out of the way and his baton commandeered by one of the Deltas? Well, the GOP is the Delta drum major and the band is made up, in part, of conservative Southerners. Remember where the new drum major leads the marching band? Yep, right down a dead end alley!

That’s the role of the GOP and the mainstream conservative leaders today. They take sincere Southern conservatives (and others) and lead them down blind alleys to render them harmless to the Establishment, of which the GOP is part. Their time, energy, and money is siphoned off into nothing. If this were not so, America would not be a post-Christian cultural sewer and the South’s symbols would not be under attack, largely by Republicans! But it is so, and that is largely because there has been no real opposition from the GOP or the conservative movement in general to the agenda of the hard left.

If you want to make a real difference, it’s time to begin thinking outside the box. Finding a new paradigm. The old one has become your prison. Perhaps you should consider The League of the South.

Michael Hill