An appeal to Southerners

Me at national conference 2 July 2015When Hillary Clinton wins the election in November or when Donald Trump wins and then proves a big disappointment to all those traditional Southerners who voted for him, then what?

Either way, America will not be made “great again.” In fact, she will continue her slide into the abyss, her carcass being picked clean by the internationalists who engineered her demise in the last century. If you can’t see this trajectory and its end product, then you are blind, perhaps willfully so.

What will America’s demise leave for the rest of us? More importantly, what will it leave for our children and grandchildren? If we keep ourselves tied to this rotting carcass, then our demise will be certain. Only poverty and despair await.

But God always provides a path for His people. It is not usually a primrose path, but it is a path to safety and prosperity nonetheless. Will you walk this hard path, Mr. and Mrs. Southerner? Will you finally wean yourselves from the Americanity that has paralyzed you and caused you to believe lies? Will you become a Southern nationalist, join The League of the South, and fight for a free and independent South?

If not, then what will you do? Wait four more years in hopes that the GOP will “take back America” and make her “great again?” How many times will you butt your head against that wall before you come to understand the futility of it all?

Drop this charade, come to your senses, roll up your sleeves, and help us do the hard work necessary to create a bright future for ourselves and our posterity. Join us today!

Michael Hill