Alabama League rallies in Tuscaloosa/Northport

The League of the South continued its campaign against ‘Southern Cultural Genocide’ today, rallying in Alabama. Rayn Owens gives his account of the demonstration:

The William L. Yancey Chapter of the LS joined the Tuscaloosa chapter in Northport Alabama today for a street demonstration ¬†from 1:00 til 3:00 pm at the junction of Hwy 43 & 82 in front of city hall, a very busy intersection. The Battle flag and our Southern Nationalist flags, along with ‘SECEDE’, ‘SUPPORT CHRISTIAN MARRIAGE’ and ‘STOP CULTURAL GENOCIDE’ were used. Hundreds of horns honked as well as many thumbs up from the busy Tuscaloosa traffic. Nearly 200 pieces of pro LS literature were handed out to the very positive motorists as they passed by us. It was very apparent that the good folks in Tuscaloosa are sick of the Cultural marxist and their tactics being used against the Southern People as we in the League are. A great day in Dixie rallying support for Southern people and our identity.