Agenda for 2022 League of the South National Conference

2-4 June in Lake City, Florida

Master of Ceremonies: Mr. Rick Tyler

Theme: “Real Life Activism in the Nationalist Movement”

Thursday, 2 June

LS Board, Staff, and State Chairman meeting (TBA)

Friday, 3 June

8:00-9:00 a.m.:: Registration

9:00-9:05:: Welcome, Opening Prayer

9:05-10:05:: Sam Dickson “Why We Should Be Optimistic”

10:05-10:25:: Break

10:25-11:25:: Mike Tubbs “Chief Of Staff Report”

11:25-12:00 noon:: LS Awards Ceremony

12:00 noon-2:00 p.m.:: Dinner

2:00-3:00:: Ike Baker “White Activism 2022: A Juxtaposition Of Southern Nationalism And The Broader White Nationalist Movement”

3:00-3:20:: Break

3:20-4:20:: Mark Thomey “Loyal To Blood And Soil”

4:20-5:20:: Jessica Reavis “Faith, Family, And Folk”

5:20-5:30:: Announcements, closing prayer

Saturday, 4 June

8:30-9:00 a.m.:: Registration

9:00-9:05:: Welcome, Opening Prayer

9:05-10:05:: Dr. Michael Hill “What Does ‘Activism’ Really Mean?”

10:05-11:05:: Dr. Kevin MacDonald “Confronting Jewish Power: What We Are Up Against”

11:05-11:20:: Break

11:20-12:20:: Eddie Miller “About Face, Affix Bayonets!”

12:20-2:20 p.m.:: Dinner

2:20-3:20:: Rick Tyler “There Is No Statute Of Limitations On Murder”

3:20-3:35:: Break

3:35-4:35:: Dr. David Duke “Why You Should Be An Activist”

4:35–4:45:: Closing remarks, singing of “Dixie,” and closing prayer