Battle flag and SN flag combined with full star in middleThe League of the South has been busy for the last two years. During that time we have held, or at least participated in, dozens of street demonstrations defending our people and culture against the forces of cultural genocide. And during the last several years, our mean member age has dropped from the mid-50s to the mid-30s! Young folks are flocking to our aggressive Southern nationalist movement.

Since the fall of 2000, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) in Montgomery, Alabama, has designated The League a “hate group.” I said it then and I’ll say it now: we wear this designation as a badge of honor. If your enemies are not attacking you, you are not doing your job!

With that in mind, here is a link to the SPLC’s latest story on us and our activism.

Michael Hill


  1. The SPLC is retarded if they think that they can sue the south to death. They carefully tiptoe around slander and libel, but one day they will slip up. The legal craft is a part of Southern heritage. It’s part of our enigma. We aren’t a bunch of yankee wannabes like the IKA or some city based skinhead movement. We are a representation of our people, and we are notoriously strategic…

  2. Activism is the ALPHA and the OMEGA for every movement.

    The system is not afraid of internet warriors ; it is afraid of Activists ; the SPLC article proves it.

    What is interesting about this SPLC article is the detailed report on every LS demonstration in the last 3 years – even the attendance is accurately ( ??? ) mentioned !!!!

    Now, is this a proof of the connection between “anti – racist” ( = anti – white ) institutions and the Federal Government , or what ???

    Only the Police and the FBI can provide such detailed information.

    So, we have two facts here ;

    ONE – The anti – White institutions and the anti – White policies are supported and promoted by the Government of the United States ; therefore, the survival of the White Europeans in North America does have a necessary precondition ; that is to FIGHT against the US Government.

    SECOND – The anti – White agents and institutions are AFRAID of the LS.

    Or – at least – the LS has done enough to get their attention ; and that’s a GOOD thing !!

    Keep up the good work !!!

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