ABC News caught lying? Say it ain’t so!

This video, which the Establishment claims to be ABC News footage of Turks “attacking” Kurds in Syria, is video of the annual Knob Creek, Kentucky, Machine Gun Shoot in 2006. This can be verified by a simple search on the internet. Check this footage out below:

A country that allows an organization such as ABC News to have access to the airwaves as a source of legitimate “news,” is not one we wish to be a part of. If ABC News will lie about this, what else will they (or any other elite “news” organization) lie about? And, of course, the answer is anything and everything that is beneficial to the Establishment and their globalist agenda. And since organized Jewry control over 90% of the US media, it’s hard to escape the belief that any lies that benefit Jews and Israel will be told with no shame.

Michael Hill