A Statement: the shooting down of a Russian aircraft by Turkey

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Earlier today, Turkish F-16 aircraft shot down a Russian Su-24 bomber. The Turks claimed the Russian warplane was in Turkish airspace; the Russians say it was in Syrian airspace. The plane crashed on Syrian territory. Both crewmen ejected safely but there are conflicting reports regarding their fate and/or whereabouts. There are also reports that at least one Russian search helicopter was destroyed by Muslim radicals using a US-made TOW rocket system.

This much we do know. Turkey under President Erdogan has been supporting ISIS and other radical Muslim anti-Assad forces in hopes of toppling the current Syrian government, which is allied with Russia. Turkey, as a member of NATO, is an ally of the US and other Western powers. This raises a salient question: did Turkey act alone or as a member of NATO, with US backing, in order to punish Russia for its recent devastating attacks on ISIS?

As we in The League of the South have said for several months now, more and more evidence supports the idea that ISIS is a creature of the US and its allies (including Israel). There is growing evidence as well that the Obama regime had no intention of using US military or economic power to destroy ISIS; rather, it was all for show. When Russia got into the game, the attacks on ISIS began in earnest, and in a few short weeks Vladimir Putin accomplished what Obama refused to do: target ISIS and destroy its assets with overwhelming force.

If the US and its allies wished to preserve ISIS as a tool against Assad’s Syrian government, Russia has thrown a monkey wrench into those plans. The Obama regime has been forced to cast off the mask and admit that it does not wish to see ISIS destroyed; in fact, if the US and its NATO allies do not act to counter Russia, ISIS will indeed be done for. And the US will lose its investment. So perhaps a conflict with Russia might pull Obama’s chestnuts out of the fire, as it were. But this is a very dangerous game.

The League of the South condemns the shooting down of the Russian plane by the Turks and the game of brinksmanship the US and NATO are playing against Putin’s Russia and Assad’s Syria. By publicly condemning ISIS and pretending to be attacking it while covertly doing just the opposite, the Obama regime has forfeited any legitimate support from the international community or from the American people. He and his henchmen have proven to be liars and dissemblers who should not be trusted.

Thus we encourage all Southerners–and other Americans–to withdraw their consent from this illicit regime and remove themselves from under the immoral constraints placed upon us by Washington, DC. The USA regime has gone from being merely a corrupt and criminal enterprise to one that exhibits all the characteristics of a rabid dog. In its desperate ambition there is much danger.

We pray that God will strike down the warmongers and preserve the peace of the Middle East and elsewhere. May the good people of America, Russia, and every country concerned be successful in reining in those who would take us over the brink and into an unjust and devastating conflict.

Michael Hill, on behalf of The League of the South Board of Directors and Staff



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  1. Sir,
    As a Southerner who once served to ward off the evil Soviet Empire, I am in the unenviable position of being entirely in accord with Vladimir Putin.

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