A statement to concerned Southerners

LS Nationalist Front black and white photo Charlottesville Aug 2017A statement to concerned Southerners from The League of the South regarding Charlottesville

We have received inquires from many Southerners as to why The League participated in the Charlottesville rally with other hard right groups in the Nationalist Front which are not Southern in character or by geography. Below is our answer, approved by the LS Board of Directors:

The decision to participate from time to time in public events with other nationalist/white nationalist groups when it is to our mutual advantage was a decision reached by Dr. Michael Hill in conjunction with, and with the approval of, the Board of Directors and the executive staff.

Just because we lend some support to one another in areas of common interest does not necessarily mean that we endorse them or their particular beliefs, nor they us or ours. They have their goals, objectives, and methods and we have ours. For instance, we in The League are firmly grounded in historic Christianity and all that it entails for our culture and civilization. Our cooperation simply means we have a common enemy, and working together on occasion to fight that enemy can be advantageous to us all.

Remember this: by simply being Southern Nationalists, honoring our Confederate past and ancestors and symbols, we are already branded as “white supremacists”, “racists”, etc. ad nauseum. Our enemy lumps us all together under the convenient, catch-all labels (“Nazis,” “bigots,” “anti-Semites”) and has done so for years, so why should we be worried about it now? Their goal is our utter destruction.

We shall exercise caution and wisdom in all things, and shall continue as always to avoid all dishonorable and/or illegal activities; Moreover, we shall chose our allies carefully and seek to be good allies ourselves.

Open cooperation with other groups on the hard right can be to our benefit, and we shall continue to pursue those opportunities to cooperate with them.

Michael Hill, on behalf of the LS Board and Staff

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  1. Exactly !!

    Right on target, as always Dr. Hill !!

    There is a WAR going on against ALL of us – people of European descent – and the sooner we realize this, the better !!

    Our enemies do NOT make any destinction between Southern Nationalists or National Socialists or the KKK or the Traditionalist Workers Party etc…

    When you say something even remotedly pro-White, you are automatically labelled a “Nazi” ….and that’s it !!

    There is no point at trying to justify yourselves or trying to prove that you are not a “Nazi” etc etc…

    ( As if the brainwashed White masses know what Nazism really was in the first place ) !!

    So, why bother at all ?? There is no practical point at that !

    There is a genocidal agenda against the South in particular and against the European Race in general.

    So, we don’t have the luxury of excluding anyone from the struggle.

    The only thing that matters right now is the building of a strong Movement.

    And Charlotesville showed that such a Movement is being formed.

    The common struggle, the common fight and the spirit of brotherhood will bring everyone together and will function as a magnet for many more to join.

    Here in Europe these “common united front” tactics have been applied for years, and they have shown very good results.

    Show strength in numbers, show organizing skills , never back up and – last but not least – NEVER APOLOGIZE !!

    NEVER APOLOGIZE…this is the Alpha and the Omega in the War of political propaganda.

    You have an entire system focused on you right now….the whole degenerate mechanism of Babylon is upon you….Politicians, mass media, Hollywood, traitor churches, antifa scum etc etc….this proves that the System is AFRAID of you !!

    If you back off now, if you start apologizing, if you fail to maintain unity and concentration to the Cause, Charlotesville will mean nothing.

    But if you remain tough, un-apologetic, united and organized, Charlotesville will be remembered as the birth place of the Second American Revolution….the Revolution for the survival of an entire Race.

    Make no mistake about that, and make sure that there will be more Charlotesvilles in the near future !!


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