A statement on New Orleans and Lee Circle

LS Satan's army on the march NOLA May 2017Our League of the South volunteers stood like the Southern warriors they are in New Orleans in defense of our people and a monument to one of our heroes, General Robert E. Lee. Outnumber by at least 25 to 1 and unarmed by NOPD edict, our Southern Defense Force (SDF), augmented by a few hardy souls who joined us, was THE opposition to the horde of degenerates (see photo at right)–the army of Satan himself–that marched to Lee Circle to oppose our sublime civilization.

My thanks go out to all these gentlemen of the South who acquitted themselves like men. I am especially grateful to our N2 Security/Intelligence Chief Tiny Malone and CoS and tactical commander of this operation Michael Tubbs.

I could not ask for braver and more honorable compatriots. Gentlemen of the SDF, it was my pleasure to stand with you against our foe! We were first to arrive and last to leave! Hail to you and hail victory! May God save the South!

Michael Hill