A Statement on Legal Matters regarding League events in Middle Tennessee, 28 October 2017

Me at national conference 2 July 201525 October 2017

On 28 October 2017, The League of the South is set to participate in a public event in Middle Tennessee.

All members of The League who attend this event will be required to abide by the following legal and moral constraints:

1. Obey all authorities charged with keeping public order. If you believe an order or command of a public official violates your right to free speech, assembly, or some other matter, report this to our League leaders and we will in turn report to our attorneys on the scene.

2. Obey all applicable laws and statutes regarding the possession and bearing of firearms and other weapons, clothing, and other accoutrements and accessories.

3. Be respectful of all public and private property.

4. Do not verbally incite illegal behavior.

5. Engage in violence, and at the proper level, only in defense of your own person, that of your compatriots, and your property. Stand your ground, speak your mind, and proclaim your message, but do not initiate physical contact with anyone who opposes you.

6. Be honorable in all your dealings.

Michael Hill
President, The League of the South