A Southern nationalist response to Trump’s speech

Me at national conference 2 July 2015While I delight in seeing Democrats and other leftists throw tantrums and act like spoiled children in the face of Trump’s presidency, I remind you all that we in The League of the South are Southern nationalists. Even if Trump were a blood & soil American nationalist–which he is not (or if he is, he has yet to show it)–I would still not move from my current position in working for the survival, well-being, and independence of the Southern people.

But at best Trump has shown himself to be a civic nationalist who still panders to the “we all bleed the same color” malarkey that elevates blacks, Jews, feminists, and other minorities above the white founding stock of America.

So no, I am not a Trump supporter, not even after his much-ballyhooed “Reaganesque” speech from last evening. Yes, I do hope he sends home millions of illegal aliens and prevents more from coming; yes, I do hope he brings home millions of jobs to benefit the Southern working class; and yes, I do hope he continues to unmask the lunatic left and cause it to run riot in the streets. All these things will be temporary benefits to our people, a respite and an opportunity to prepare for the leftist deluge that will surely follow.

Anything good Trump does in the next four or eight years will only be a band-aid on a deep wound, at least from the Southern nationalist perspective. As we have said in The League for going on 23 years now, the South must be free and independent of the American empire. Half measures such as Donald Trump will not cut it. We are true nationalists; he is not.

Michael Hill