A short morality tale

A file photo dated 21 April 1993 of an aerial shotDo y’all remember once upon a time in the 1990s when the US government under Bill Clinton and Janet Reno burned up all those men, women, and children at the Branch Davidian “compound” near Waco, Texas (see photo at right)? Sure you do!

Remember also that within one day after this slaughter of innocents, two Mexican warships stationed in the western Gulf of Mexico lobbed two dozen suface-to-surface missiles into Fort Hood, causing damage to various elements of the base, including loss of life. The Mexican attack was followed by a stern warning to the US government to cease the barbaric slaughter of its own people or face the possibility of more missile attacks as well as troops crossing north of the Rio Grande to occupy US territory.

No, I don’t remember this Mexican response either. But according to US policy applied fairly in such situations as we saw yesterday in Syria, we all should have been able to remember such a harsh warning from Mexico. After all, if it’s sauce for the goose . . .

But US foreign and military policy at least since 1861 has been based on the belief that “might makes right.” The US thus does things to other countries that it will not allow others to do to it. Right and truth be damned. Few people like hypocrites. Few people like the damned yankee empire.

Michael Hill