A Preliminary Statement

jm-hill-lrgIn preparation for an official statement from our Staff on the current campaign of genocide against the Southern people and our culture, and in light of the recent violent actions against the same (viz. the suspicious death in north Mississippi of a black supporter of Southern symbols, shots fired at a white family in a vehicle flying the Confederate flag, and a brick thrown through the window of a house flying the same flag), I encourage all our League of the South members and supporters to arm themselves and prepare to defend themselves and their families from possible violent actions.

We, traditional Southerners, did not start this escalating conflict; however, we will not sit idly by and allow our people to be bullied and threatened or assaulted and killed for showing pride in who they are.

These violent actions have been encouraged–both directly and indirectly– by the craven actions of politicians such as governors Nikki Haley (SC) and Robert Bentley (Alabama) and by such organizations as the New Black Panther Party, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, and other left-wing, Marxist-oriented groups and organizations.

It has clearly become a dangerous environment for Southerners, especially those who publicly display or even speak in favor of our historic symbols and the Folk and culture they represent.

A man’s most fundamental and sacred duty is the protection of life and property. He is not obliged to ask permission from anyone to perform this duty, and this moral duty trumps all other laws, statutes, and restrictions that run to the contrary.

Southerners, arm yourselves and be prepared to defend your lives and property from those lawless elements that threaten them.

Michael Hill, President, The League of the South

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Michael Hill

Dr Michael Hill is President of the League of the South. He is a retired university professor of history and author of two books on Celtic warfare.