A personal reflection

Michael Hill a great day for Southern Nationalism 19 May 2014For more than a quarter century I have been involved, deeply, in very “conservative” (for lack of a better term) activities. Most of those activities have been pro-Southern and pro-Christian. So as a straight, white, Christian, Southern male, I have been toward the top of the left’s demonization totem pole. And I’m proud of that.

But if you think this opposition between right and left is just about words, and sometimes very hot ones, then you are mistaken. Now, my compatriots in The League know all this very well, and it’s not to them whom I speak. Rather, it is for my non-League friends here that I write this. It is you I want to reach.

Over this period I have learned that the “war of words” between liberals and conservatives increasingly has a very costly tangible outcome for the latter. What I mean by this is that if a conservative violates the ever-shrinking, strict moral parameters defined by “political correctness,” then he faces actual physical punishment. No, I don’t mean that he is taken out and tied to the whipping post (not yet, anyhow). But I do mean he is threatened with harsh economic and social sanctions that often result in job loss and blacklisting so that future employment is difficult, if not impossible, to find.

I know many men in The League during the past 25 years who have found themselves and their families in such difficult straits. And this is not because of criminal behavior; it is because they had the wrong thoughts and said or wrote the wrong things about the wrong people. In other words, they went beyond the proscribed boundaries of permissible thought and speech. And you thought you lived in a country with “free speech.”

While it is indeed true that you are free to say what you will, it is also increasingly true that you will be punished for the exercise of that free speech if you offend the wrong designated “victim group.” I don’t think the Founders meant for it to be this way. That is not “free speech.”

I taught history on the college and university level for over two decades. I was not officially “fired,” but I was basically told in so many words that academia did not need men like me. Communists, socialists, homosexuals, lesbians, blacks, Jews, et al were fine to teach young Christian Southern men and women in the State of Alabama. But, I, a Southern man in the traditional sense of the term, was not to be trusted in the classroom.

I left academia in May 1999 to run The League of the South full time and have never looked back nor regretted my decision. It has been tough financially from time to time, but our people have seen to it that my salary is paid, and I thank them for their sacrifices. But not everyone who has challenged the dictates of political correctness–Cultural Marxism, really–has fared as well as I.

Indeed, when you get right down to it, the left says to us: If you don’t toe the line we have set and keep your mouth shut about your own beliefs, then we will use our power, position, and influence to deprive you of the ability to feed, clothe, and house your family. In other words, we intend to make you hungry, naked, cold, and . . . dead!

So from my experiences, the left has declared war on men like me. They want me dead, or so it seems from their social and economic tactics.

Maybe you’ve never stopped to think about the real impact of this thing called political correctness nor how it is used to keep people in conformity to what is in reality an alien people preaching an alien ideology that has, for all intents and purposes, destroyed America. The left is serious about it. You should be, too. Your very life may depend on it.–Michael Hill