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Michael Hill a great day for Southern Nationalism 19 May 2014On my way home from the gym this morning, I started thinking about how the “progressive” left demonizes us with the most wild and vicious rants. Of course, they criticize the GOP and anyone else to the right of Teddy Kennedy but they save the real vitriol for folks like us.

I’ve been at this now for over 20 years. At first those harsh words stung, simply because I wasn’t used to them. But as I gained more experience with the passage of time and events, they began to sting less and less. Now, they just make me smile . . . really! I don’t take them personally as I once did. In fact, I smile because the worse the invective the better I am doing my job. The louder the SPLC, ADL, NAACP, and the whole gaggle of tongue-waggers yowl, the more I know I am on to the truth of a particular matter.

My Daddy taught me this years and years ago, and he was right. The louder a man hollers, the guiltier he probably is.

Like many League members, I don’t have to worry about losing my job if I’m too politically incorrect; conversely, as League President I am more likely to lose my job if I’m not politically incorrect enough! So, let the leftist progs wailed and scream, whine and moan, and call me “racist” and “anti-Semite.” I’ll just smile and keep on pounding home our message of the survival, well-being, and independence of the Southern people.

I am going to speak the truth as I see it and act for the benefit of my people–white Southerners–as long as the good Lord gives me breath, strength, and the resources to do so. I thank Him everyday for allowing me to have a part in such an honorable fight.

Michael Hill


  1. How easily people like Dave forget the slave ships that sailed from New England, or the slave states that fought for the Union, or the proposed constitutional amendment, which Lincoln promoted in his first inaugural speech, which would have forever prevented the federal government from interfering in slavery.

    Your assinine comment that the Confederate flag is a flag of “terror” shows your shallow ‘knowledge’ of history. Slave ships sailed from American ports, flying the Union flag, for DECADES.

    Mr. Hill is correct: YOU are the terrorist.

  2. It seems that in the aftermath of this depraved act no-one has the stomach to take you and your twisted band of wannabe terrorists on.
    I will give it a try – and dare you to publish it.

    Professor or no, the complete ignorance of the land you call home is appalling; slavery, as practiced by the north and the south is and was an abomination. To defend any aspect of it, to not realize that the prosperity of a few plantation owners and the welfare of a city like Charleston, which we are told at one point was wealthier than New York, was due solely to the slave trade.

    And the hypocrits that dominated South Carolina and the other rebel states justified it all with their self-serving pronouncements nowledge Africans they imported and sold for cheap labor were in fact, not humans at all.

    It is easy to see why you reject the spirit of the US – the amended constitution, bill of rights and even the Declaration of Independence. Because like ISIS – and some of your misguided ancestors – you reject the basic premise of equality. You reject the notion that we are born with equal rights and that as a society we are obligated to do the best we can to see that all our people rise to the best of the abilities.

    Today, the Confederate flag today for most Americans is completely analagous with the black flag of ISIS – a symbol of terror, subjugation and murder. It’s a symbol of ignorance and insensitivity – but mainly a reminder of the what humanity can be at its absolute worst.

    Why anybody would ally themselves with it is between that person and their maker.

    1. You are correct, sir. We reject completely the idea of equality. It is a flawed idea with no basis in history or biology. If blacks were “equal” to whites, then we would see evidence of it in the great African civilizations that would rival those of Europe. But in reality, when Europeans and Arabs (the first and largest group of slave traders) first encountered sub-Saharan blacks, the latter had not even discovered use of an implement as simple as the wheel. So go on believing in your little fairy stories of equality. Meanwhile, we’ll deal with reality.

      Where do you find the basis for calling slavery “an abomination?” Certainly not in the Bible. It is regulated there, which means it is an institution approved by God for use in a fallen world. What is clearly called an abomination is homosexuality, which I presume you approve? I also presume you make up your own morality.

      You, sir, are the terrorist. You worldview is indeed a terror to the truth.

    2. When Jefferson, or any of the Founders spoke of “equality” they meant equal under the law. They hardly thought the Black man was equal to the White man.
      Terror, subjugation, and murder is something you Americans love, the South only wants to be free of your empire which spreads nothing but death and destruction across the globe. The American Empire is the most hated place in the world, and rightfully so. If I want to see a picture of “humanity at its worst” I need only look at the US government, or merely turn on a television and see the decadence and depravity which you and your ilk call a “culture”.

    3. LOL.” the complete ignorance of the land you call home is appalling” -absolute xenophobia. So we MUST support slavery because it is a part of our past, despite the droves of anti-slave movements in the South at the time, and the fact that the majority did not live in these cities, and especially the fact that the majority did not own slaves.

      Basic xenophobic ignorance of the country you are criticizing apparently fails to understand that the South was an agrarian society by majority that took very little from cities, as we were not industrialist people, and those cities were as useful to the common Southerner as slaves and slave tycoonism. In fact, the majority of the South’s black population lives in those cities. The only reason that the working class Southerners ever tolerated slavery in the first place was because they were scared pantsless of the slaves after Nat Turner and the Haitian rebellion, and there is plenty to prove that they blamed the slave uprisings on the slave Tycoons, and lambasted them for it.

      This is all completely beside the point though, because your original argument is flawed and stupid. We do not need to JUSTIFY our existence. We are distinct people who have the right to self-identify if we so choose. Our flag represents our people, and you don’t like our people, and ask for us to justify our past. Do the Turks need to justify their existence? Does Japan? Britain still flies the same flag that it did when it was a slave-trading country, why is “the land they call home” not “ignorant”???

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