A Note to My Critics

Michael Hill a great day for Southern Nationalism 19 May 2014I have noticed lately that some of my erstwhile compatriots who once belonged to The League are criticizing me for taking the organization in a much more radical direction. In my opinion, they are living in the past–both 20 years and 150 years ago. This is not the 1990s and it surely isn’t the 1860s or before.

I and The League have changed because the times have changed. You adapt or perish, and perishing was what The League was doing until I made a conscious change 7 or 8 years ago. That said, we have not changed our principles: we are firmly entrenched in the old-fashioned Christian beliefs of our ancestors and we stand for the survival, well-being, and independence of the Southern people, mainly the White, Anglo-Celtic folk of Dixie. These have always been hallmarks of The League, and will continue to be so.

But yes, we have radicalized by openly and directly addressing the Negro (and general dark-skinned) Question and the Jew Question. We are de facto and openly professed White/Southern nationalists, meaning that we seek to restore the South to the dominance of the White man and to make it our own ethnostate for our posterity. And because most Southerners (particularly evangelical Christians) are still reluctant to take to the streets to defend their civilization, we have made alliances with other radicals who are willing to stand with us in public.

Our very survival as White Southerners is at stake in 2018. Those who seek half measures or wish to live in the past will be worse than useless in the coming struggle. What we need now are radical leaders who are willing to tell the truth and back it up in the public arena. If you want to criticize me for this approach, then have at it. It is what I intend, God willing, to continue to do in this fight for the survival and prosperity of our people. Hail Victory and Hail Dixie!

Michael Hill