A “Norwegian?”

Battle flag and SN flag combined with full star in middle“A 19-year-old Norwegian man was arrested on suspicion of murder after a knife attack in Central London that killed an American woman and wounded five people, the Metropolitan Police said on Thursday.”

The above was the lead sentence in a New York Times report on the stabbing in Russell Square in central London on the evening of 3 August.

Later on, it was revealed that the “Norwegian” was of Somali origin but was actually a “Norwegian national” because he had been born in Norway. To this I say simply: “Bullshit!”

The League of the South understands the true meaning of “nation” and all of its derivatives. It means a distinct people with shared genes, culture, language, and history. There is no way that a negro from Somalia can ever be considered a “Norwegian national.” This applies to every negro and other non-European in the white Western world. They are not–and never can be–one of us nor we one of them.

Destroying the concept of true nationalism by purposefully denying the distinction between the race that created the world’s greatest civilization and those whose “civilization” has advanced little beyond the stage of mud huts and Third World sloth is the work of Satan himself. We will have no part of it, and any discerning person of European descent will reject it as well. Simply put, it is an attempt to destroy everything the white man has built by disarming us through “white guilt” and associated propaganda. Shame and dishonor on any white man who collaborates with the enemy against the interests of his own people.

The gleeful pronouncements of white misbehavior by the elite media stand in stark contrast to their attempts to bury similar–and all too frequent–deeds by non-whites and non-Christians throughout the West. The New York Times’ most recent example of muddling the situation will continue because it is part of The Agenda for destroying Europe, America, and other white offshoot civilizations wherever they exist.

We in The League have some advice for those who would defend our civilization: it is time to fight back.

Michael Hill

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Michael Hill

Dr Michael Hill is President of the League of the South. He is a retired university professor of history and author of two books on Celtic warfare.