A nation of immigrants? No!

Me at national conference 2 July 2015The next time someone says “America is a nation of immigrants,” remind them of these historical facts: 1) our ancestors–white, northern and western Europeans–were “emigrants” who, once here, assumed the role of “settlers.” They settled and tamed a vast wilderness for their own posterity. Before they created it, there was no country for them to “immigrate” into.

2) Once most of the hard and dangerous work of creating a European society in the western hemisphere was complete, then you had the arrival of true “immigrants.” After all, in the case of North America, you cannot have “immigrants” until you have had “emigrants.” The “emigrants,” by creating the country/civilization, make it possible for “immigrants” to come here in the first place.

Think about this and use it the next time you hear that stupid, asinine phrase stated above.

Michael Hill


  1. the author made a good point to distinguish between emigrant and immigrant. the european peoples who settled and established the regional cultures in north america were not immigrants, but settlers. furthermore, the immigration of the 1800s did not overwhelm those established cultures of puritanical yankeedom, noble southern virginia, the midwest, or appalachia. rather, immigrants more or less assimilated into those cultures, which still exist today. what is different today is the yankee attempt to destroy virginian and appalachian cultures. they will fail and rot from the inside out.

    as for american indian cultures, the puritans picked new england in part because they saw something of themselves in the local indigenous population. they “chose their neighbors,” as did the virginians. each american indian tribe’s history is unique–it cant intelligently be lumped into an oversimplified racist lie that they were good and white people were or are bad. the iroquois fell because of disease and infighting over the american revolution, while the cherokee suffered massive losses from two flu epidemics. the cherokee also supported southern independence, despite their diminished numbers.

    yankees may still think of themselves as pilgrims or immigrants, because they still immigrate–from the north to the south, or to middleeast iraq. but it seems that that is a nice way of saying ‘invade.’

  2. The most frequently used “argument” by the multi – culturalists is that “real Americans” are the native Indians, and Europeans “stole” their land.

    There is not a bigger lie !!!!

    The so-called “native Americans” were primitive tribes living in the Stone Age.

    They came to the Continent from Siberia ; they were not indigenous.

    They had no concept of “Nation” or “land” whatsoever ; their concept of land was just their hunting places.

    They didn’t know anything about agriculture, they didn’t have any sense of “Nationality” or “unity” and they certainly didn’t have any sense of a higher purpose or mission in life – other than the mere survival of their own tribe.

    North America was a virgin wilderness when the first Europeans arrived.

    Therefore, the only ones who have the right to claim “Nationality” in North America are the descendants of those first European settlers.

    The same principle applies to the Whites in South Africa ; they too carved a Nation out of wilderness ; but Cultural Marxists will never admit that.

    Imagine if someone called Greece “a Nation of immigrants” just because the Hellenes came from the North about 4,000 years ago ; wouldn’t that be ABSURD ????

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