A Name and Place Among the Nations

A thousand voices opine for a thousand solutions. This is, it seems, a fair assessment of the Southern nationalist movement, largely writ, over the past quarter century. But the central question remains: Should the South stay or should she go? Will our cultural inheritance, our liberty, and our people be best served by remaining within an increasingly alien and hostile “union” or by going our own way as an independent confederation of States?

There are plenty of voices suggesting that the South remain part of the current political, cultural, social, and economic arrangement. Within that arrangement these people apparently hope to defend Southern heritage in all its tangible and non-tangible manifestations. Their great hope is to convince the South’s numerous enemies that Dixie and her way of life in not threatening, divisive, or offensive to the status quo. Furthermore, theirs is a tacit acknowledgment that if only the South’s foes would see the truth, then they would embrace our Southern inheritance as the panacea for all of America’s ills.

Permit me now to object. The South’s enemies do not care about truth or about how sublime we think our way of life to be. They care about power and power alone. The reason they view our flags and other concrete symbols of our civilization as threatening, divisive, and offensive is because the ideas and people that these symbols represent are threatening, divisive, and offensive to their way of life. And all challenges to their power must be eradicated by whatever means necessary. Do you really believe that the South’s—as well as traditional America’s–enemies are open to reasonable discussion?

When we and our symbols cease to be threatening, divisive, and offensive to our enemies, then it can mean only one thing. We have lost. For our own sake and that of our posterity, may we always be a stumbling block to our enemies.

The voluntary Union of sovereign States given us by the Founders is now a dead thing of the past. The revolution that destroyed the Constitution and our old republic has long come and gone and most folks do not even realize it. What many “conservatives” today seek to conserve is only a pale imitation of long departed principles and the way of life they once informed. In short, the current polity is well past meaningful reformation. Adhering to it in the hope that it can be reformed is a suicidal course for the South and her people. The indisputable evidence of this is before our eyes daily, yet many are still blinded to it.

The South is now ruled by an alien class and ideology that are completely hostile to our historic way of life. Our values, mores, and ethics are mocked. Our people have become nothing more than voters in rigged and meaningless four-year election cycles; consumers of foreign-made trinkets and poisoned food products; cannon fodder for the empire’s aggressive foreign military campaigns, usually on behalf of Israel; and sheep to be fleeced for higher and higher taxes. It is clear that the descendants of America’s proud and hardy founding stock have meekly acquiesced in their dispossession and a resulting third-class status behind loud and domineering minority groups and Third World immigrants. But we still smile and hope for the best.

The imperial executive branch in Washington has implemented a police state at home and a quagmire of conflict abroad. Congress rubber-stamps whatever the executive branch desires. The courts mock truth, justice, and God at every turn. Our own State governments, poisoned finally by the poison vapors from the Potomac, have become the preserves of toadies, hacks, and sycophants who envy what Washington, DC, is able to do to the rights and liberties of the people. The media ridicule us for our dress and speech, manners and mores. Our schools and colleges have long lapsed from our control, teaching our young to despise their ancestors and themselves. Big business funds our enemies to the tune of hundreds of millions a year. The Founders’ constitution is long dead and buried, replaced with a false document forged in the wake of the bloody subjugation of the Confederacy. I ask you, then, why should we stay? Could we not do better on our own? At the very least, we would be ruling our own house according to our own accepted standards.

The Southern Cause has long been ridiculed as the Lost Cause. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. The real Lost Cause is the American Empire and any attempts to reform it. Southern independence is the only realistic hope we have of leaving our progeny a bright and prosperous future. Without our independence, we will have no way of turning back the revolution that holds the South captive. Do you really think that the Judeo-Bolshevik revolutionaries are really through with us? Do you think they will halt their perverse New Red Terror agenda short of total victory? And that total victory means the final destruction of all that you, dear Southerner, hold dear—family, faith, and freedom.

For those timid souls who desire to take the safe and familiar path that leads to half measure, we in The League of the South bid you to rethink your position and join with us. From the start, we have been staunch defenders of the whole measure of independence and the interests of our people—White Southerners (but I repeat myself). God willing, we shall so remain.

Every man must choose for himself the path he will tread. It is human nature to seek out the easy way. That is what our enemies count on us to do. The familiar course is comfortable and reassuring and is lined with every sort of physical, emotional, and spiritual allurement. But in the end it leads to Hell. Conversely, the path that begins dark, dreary, and foreboding leads ultimately, as Scripture tells us, to the light. Those who have trod this way have often suffered mightily (examine the tribulations of Jefferson Davis, not to mention the ultimate example of our Lord and Saviour), and in their suffering they have found redemption for themselves, their people, and their civilization. Walking the hard, ominous path is called duty. No one who performs his duty ever really loses. Perhaps he is seen as a loser according to the world’s standards, but not according to the perfect standards of Providence.

By nearly all worldly accounts, our Confederate ancestors lost. Their efforts to establish an independent South did not bear fruit from 1861-65. But the ebb and flow of future events are unknown to mortal man. The seeds sown by those noble souls some 160 years ago, watered by their blood, sweat, and tears, and superintended by the unmovable hand of Providence, may yet spring to life in our own day.

If those men and women of the Confederacy were right in their day, then we who seek independence for the South are right in ours. Let us do our duty in all things, great and small, in the sure hope that the God of our fathers will indeed vindicate a just cause.

May God answer the prayer of the humble Lee when he asked that the South be granted a name and place among the nations of the earth. Southern independence now!

Deo Vindice. Resurgam.

Michael Hill

Killen, Alabama

25 May 2021