A little race reality

Obama July 2016If you put every negro in America in California or Texas with its present great wealth and infrastructure, those places would turn into uncivilized hell holes in no time at all. Negroes cannot maintain white civilization, and they surely cannot build it on their own. Look at the former Rhodesia and the current South Africa for examples of this. You might also look at Detroit and other negro-run cities.

As much as they say they hate it, they must live around large numbers of whites if they are to have the benefits of true civilization. However, they are a drag on and danger to whites, who get nothing positive out of the relationship (unless you count sports and entertainment, which, sadly, many do). But sports and entertainment are a damned high price to pay for the concomitant damage they cause.

We will solve this problem in a free and independent South because, firstly, we are not afraid to identify it as such. If it is not solved, then civilization will be destroyed. It is as simple as that.

Do you want to be called “racist” or do you want to leave a civilization for your children and grandchildren? That is the question for you, Mr. & Mrs. Southerner.

Michael Hill