A lesson in regime politics

Tea Party favorite Chris McDaniels has challenged the GOP establishment in Mississippi
Tea Party favorite Chris McDaniels has challenged the GOP establishment in Mississippi

As if we in The League needed any more proof that there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the GOP and Democrats, along comes Thad Cochran, a current US Senator from Mississippi, running to hold his seat in the Republican primary against newcomer and outside-the-mainstream candidate Chris McDaniel. So what has Senator Cochran done to put the icing on the cake for us, so to speak? His campaign has openly solicited Mississippi Democrats to come and vote for him in today’s (24 June) GOP primary. That’s right, he’s invited leftist whites (most of whom are non-Southern transplants in Jackson and the college/university towns of Starkville, Oxford, Hattiesburg, Clinton, etc.) and blacks to answer the call to put their “conservative” (wink, wink) friend back in office.

The Haley Barbour-inspired country club GOP mainstream in Mississippi, along with the leftist media–and now apparently Mississippi Democrats–have done everything they can think of to defeat McDaniel. They have even brought up his League “connections,” his campaign having received donations from some current and ex-LS members. They also have taken a good deal of money from the likes of New York’s Michael Bloomberg.

Now, we in The League do not participate in national elections; however, we do not miss an opportunity to show how managed and corrupted the US electoral system is. And this is a prime example.

If indeed Chris McDaniel is defeated by the Cochran/Democrat alliance–or even if he wins–perhaps the Tea Party folks in Mississippi and elsewhere who supported McDaniel will begin to listen seriously to The League’s message of Southern independence. Otherwise, their efforts to reform an un-reformable system will continue to bring failure and frustration.