A lesson from Charlie Hebdo

Charlie Hebdo anti-Christian Jan 2015The League of the South urges Southerners to think . . . about the current situation with Muslims and Europeans–and the latter means us Southerners as well.

Now, I believe Islam a false “religion.” Indeed, I think it is more a totalitarian political movement than it is a religion. Whatever the case, it has no business being on these shores nor in Europe. It is a foreign beast that belongs in the Middle East where it started about 1400 years ago. We white Europeans live in historic Christendom, with its extensions into other white areas of the world. And never the twain should meet.

There have of course been long periods of bloody conflict between Christians and Muslims. However, in recent times, at least until the late 20th and early 21st century, that hostility has been cold rather than hot. What indeed has increased the friction between Christian and Muslim in our day?

First of all, it is not because they envy our freedoms, as the younger Bush proclaimed. I think it goes without saying that the USA regime’s support of the aggressive secular state of Israel is a large part of the reason, especially where it concerns that state’s conduct against the Palestinians. Another reason is undoubtedly the recent influx of huge numbers of Muslims into Europe and America, putting Christians and Muslims in too close proximity for either’s good.

But why are Muslims even allowed to flood America and white countries in Europe to begin with? Who is one of the main supporters of unrestricted immigration into white, Christian countries? Why, it is organized Jewry of course! Not only have Zionist Jews used the USA regime to support its dirty work in the middle east, but they also have been the leading advocates of opening the floodgates of Third World immigration to white countries, and in Europe that has meant largely (though not exclusively) Muslims.

Do you think Zionism might want white Christians and Muslims at each other’s throats? I’d say there is a good deal of evidence of it. If there is any doubt, always preface any analysis of white Western-Muslim conflict with the question: cui bono?

The recent shootings by radical Muslims (we are told) of the staff of the French satirical journal Charlie Hebdo in Paris has revealed some interesting things to those who are willing to look for them (which disqualifies most people who simply swallow the official story). To me, the most important revelation is the rank hypocrisy of those who claim that the assault on Charlie Hebdo was an assault on our freedom of speech and expression. France and other European countries do not have freedom of speech and expression. Yes, you heard me right. Unlike Americans, they have no First Amendment. Instead, they have jail sentences for certain types of speech that does not pass muster with the ruling elite.

So it is the rankest of hypocrisy when Europe’s leaders persuade millions to take to the streets proclaiming “Je suis Charlie.” Why? Because if a publication such as Charlie Hebdo, which was largely run by liberal anti-white, pro-immigration Jews, had published satire about some sacred cause of the Jews (such as the holocaust), they would likely have been jailed just as Simon Sheppard and Steven Whittle were in England when they distributed the satirical “Tales of the Holohoax.” Thus while it is a violation of one’s freedom of expression to censor satire against Muslims and Christians, it is a horse of another color when it comes to the Jews and other protected minorities.

This is what I mean by hypocrisy–one set of journalistic standards for Christians and Muslims and another one for Jews.

Someone once said that you came to know who your true rulers were by whom you were not permitted to criticize. I would add this: Any group who makes criticism (and in some cases, historical research and analysis) of themselves a crime is up to no good.

For the best interests of all involved it would makes sense for Muslims to stay in their part of the world, white Christians in theirs, and leftist Jews to be exposed for what they are: troublemakers who have always profited at the expense and distress of others. The South has no place for either. This is Christendom.

Michael Hill

PS Please excuse the rather graphic graphic at the top right. It is there to shock you and let you know the depth of anti-Christian depravity at Charlie Hebdo.