A League Statement on the Current Crisis

29 January 2021

The League of the South, the premier Southern nationalist organization (1994-present), stands with the Southern people (and other good Americans) against the incipient communist regime that is now in power in Washington, DC. This regime has unequivocally determined that “we, the people”–the White middle- and working-class–is the enemy, declaring us to be nothing less than “domestic terrorists.”

More evidence of this split between the ruling class and the people surfaces everyday. Only nine days into the Biden-Harris regime, we now see plainly that the media, the markets, and the electoral process itself are rigged in favor of the elites and against the common people. When law-abiding citizens are demonized and threatened with fines and imprisonment for the “crime” of supporting a particular party or candidate, for exercising their free speech in the public square, and for assembling in their country’s capital, then freedom has ceased to exist in practice for a large percentage of Americans. They are branded “insurrectionists.”

Since our inception in 1994, we in The League have been Southern nationalists. Our goal is to advocate for a free and independent South and see that vision become a reality when enough of our fellow Southerners mobilize to make it happen. We are confident, based on what we are seeing now, that our people are finally awakening to the naked threats to their liberty and prosperity. It is time to organize with a goal of bringing traditional Southerners (and others of good will) together to effectively resist the tyranny of this unmasked communist monster. The first step, personally, should be to withdraw your consent to being governed by unconstitutional and immoral diktats (e.g. Joe Biden’s so-far 42 Executive Orders).

As always, we stand for the truth. We will under no circumstances allow ourselves to be in any way “reeducated” by the left nor will we give credence or obedience to any measure that deprives us of our ancient liberties. We will continue to meet in public, lawfully protest, exercise our God-given right to keep and bear arms, and proclaim and defend our sublime heritage as Southerners.

We call upon our State and local governments, the lesser magistrates, to interpose themselves between their citizens and the corrupt DC regime and, when necessary, to nullify any attempts to deprive those citizens of the protection of the law as given us by our Founders. And we encourage them to begin looking seriously at the prospects of secession.

We in The League will continue to work as we have for the last quarter century to reach our noble goal of a free and independent South. It now appears that such an entity is necessary not only for our prosperity but for our very survival as a distinct people. The South is our homeland, and we will defend it against all who seek its destruction.

Michael Hill, Chief