A Labor Day message: Support young white Southern workingmen

LS fighting for Southern workersThe League’s Statement of Purpose says: “We seek to advance the cultural, social, economic, and political well being and independence of the Southern people by all honorable means.” I have italicized the word “economic” because that is to be the subject of this message.

We have thus far done a fairly good job in the League of articulating the cultural, social, and political aspects of our movement. But until recently, we have largely neglected the economic (and financial) side of things. Before we began our street demonstrations in support of the Southern working class this past year, we encouraged our folks to “Buy Southern,” to become more self-sufficient, and to consider a return, where possible, to a more agrarian way of life. We also advocate a return to “sound money” and “low taxes.” But these things only touch the surface of what we should be doing in this particular sphere. It is my fervent hope that the ideas contained in this short article will lay the groundwork for the League’s increased involvement in issues economic and financial.

Recently I came across a study released a few years ago by the Russell Sage Foundation, entitled “Divergent Paths,” that sets forth the dismal prospects of employment and earnings for young white males in the South. The shocking conclusion of the study is that 90% of young whites males who entered the job market in the 1970s and 1980s will earn considerably less during their lifetimes that their counterparts who became employed in the 1950s and 1960s. The study, done by four academic sociologists and statisticians, states that a “massive downshift in earning standards” has left many young white males in dead-end, low-wage jobs with no future. This trend is especially adverse for the two-thirds of white males in the workforce who have no college degree. Many of these young men are Southerners.

Though the study compared only white males who found work in the 1970s and 1980s with the same category who entered the job market in the 1950s and 1960s, there is much that can be extrapolated from it about overall social and political trends in the American economy. Despite mainstream media attempts to explain away these findings by pointing to deregulation, corporate downsizing, the decline of union membership, and a static minimum wage, it is clear that the cause of this disparity is quite simple: a politically correct corporate culture of institutionalized race and sex quotas that discriminates against our young white males. Other causes, though at present less egregious than the first, are the loss of U. S. jobs to low wage countries (some, such as China, even use slave labor) and the decline of domestic wages because of massive Third World immigration (mostly from Mexico and Central America but increasingly from Muslim countries).

Someone must come forward to champion the cause of these young men, and it needs to be The League of the South. Would you, as a League member or supporter, be willing to instruct these young white males on the basics of personal economic and financial planning? I’m not talking about complicated investment strategies; rather, I mean fundamental things such as how to get (and remain) debt free; how to apply for a home mortgage or small business loan from a local bank or savings and loan; how to become self-employed; how to start a monthly savings plan; how to make simple, yet effective, low-risk investments; how to defend one’s economic rights from a legal standpoint, among other things.

I know that I would have benefited from such information when I was a young man, and I grew up in an era when discrimination against my kind (otherwise known as “quotas” and “affirmative action”) was not as rampant as today. To put it bluntly, young white males are now an endangered species. As present and future heads-of-households, they are the key to the future of our movement and of our Folk, and as such they deserve our help and protection. If they do not prosper, then our cause will not prosper.

To effectively carry out this project, we must enlist League members and supporters on the State and local level who have some fundamental knowledge of economic and financial matters. I’m not talking about degreed experts; I’m talking about men with personal experience and the ability to communicate. We ought to have no shortage of this sort of man in our ranks. A basic class or workshop could be held at a local library and could run for, say, two or three hours on a Saturday morning.

The existence of an institutionalized corporate culture of discrimination against young white Southern males is evidence that the economic future of our young men does not lie with corporate America or the emerging global corporate plantation. There, they will find only hostility and contempt for their culture and race/ethnicity in a world increasingly committed to “multiculturalism” and “diversity” (code words for discrimination against whites and our culture). We must show them that there is economic and financial opportunity in other directions, especially among the self-employed (as many of our Southern activists are).

Again, no one is standing up for these young white Southern males, and small incomes mean small families and no prosperity. This will further the already disastrous demographic trend that projects whites as a minority in America by mid century. You can rest assured that government will not subsidize them in having large families the way that it subsidizes minorities. Moreover, the NAACP champions the economic interests of young black males; various Hispanic organizations do the same for their young males. And because of pressure from feminist groups, the economic prospect for young women of all races has improved dramatically over the past two decades. We must stand up for our own sons, sons-in-law, grandsons, brothers, and nephews. We cannot afford to stand by and let them down. Thus, I call upon every State and local League chapter to come to the aid of our young men.

Michael Hill
Killen, Alabama

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Michael Hill

Dr Michael Hill is President of the League of the South. He is a retired university professor of history and author of two books on Celtic warfare.