Salus Populi Suprema Lex Esto (the welfare of the people is the supreme law) is the State motto of Missouri. It is also a fundamental truth that all free men observe. No law made of man can transcend one’s God-given right of self protection.

In a “democracy” in which 51% of the people may dispossess the other 49%, the motto is essential to the well being of the latter group. I have heard Obama supporters say that those who opposed their false messiah just have to accept his victory and whatever he may decide to do with their rights, their property, and their lives.

To this, my simple answer is “No.” He and his minions may, for instance, pass a “law,” render an executive decision, or push through a court decision to take what is necessary for my (and my family’s) survival. But the law of Salus Populi says that my right to survive–and by implication, to prosper–trumps any attempt to harm me. And it is my decision as to what is harmful to me and my kith and kin; I know what we need to survive and prosper. Government does not.

As you all know, since the tragic school shooting in Connecticut, the issue of gun control has been at the top of the news. The regime would like nothing better than to outlaw firearms and make us defenseless serfs. But I have determined that I need firearms to protect my family and my liberty. And I will decide what sort of firearms are necessary for those tasks. In the process it is my truthful desire to be able to obey the laws of my sovereign State of Alabama where firearms possession and use are concerned. But any “law”, declaration, or decision that mandates that I disarm myself shall in my household be declared null and void.

In the end, I expect that the most important manifestation of the law of Salus Populi for the South will be secession and independence. But to accomplish that we must be in possession of the means to protect ourselves from those who would enslave us. Let us, then, declare as the Southern People united that we invoke the law of Salus Populi against all tyrants, foreign or domestic.–Michael Hill

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