A few pre-election thoughts

Me at national conference 2 July 2015I know what I had for supper last night. I know what brand of coffee I’m drinking right now, that is if I believe the information on the package label is true. Beyond matters such as this–things I experience and process with my own senses–I know very little for certain.

For some time now, I have tried to get a handle on understanding this presidential election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Not because I’m trying to figure out for whom I shall vote; I will not vote in a national election, only State and local. But because of my belief in the following dictum: The global elites will not allow the whims of voters to determine who holds the most powerful elected office in the world. They will not allow you, as a voter, to put their wealth, power, and position at risk by making the “wrong” choice on election day.

Now, I’m far from brilliant, but even I can see the answer to the elite’s quadrennial dilemma regarding the US presidential election. If they are not willing to risk wealth, power, and position to the whims of the democratic process–and I think they are not–then there is only one conclusion we can draw regarding candidates from the two major parties: they both do (or will do) the elite’s bidding.

Few would have trouble seeing Hillary Clinton is this light–she and her husband are crooks for sale to the highest bidders. But what about Donald Trump? Is he really a renegade who has slipped the Establishment and is only a hair’s breadth away from the White House? Or has his unorthodox campaign been staged to deceive? Or is Trump an honest man who is himself being unwittingly used for the elite’s ends?

For folks like me (and probably you as well), there is simply no way for us to know as we stand only a few days away from the election that some think will determine whether the entity known as the USA will survive in some recognizable form, be further transformed toward socialism/communism, or perish.

I have read many scenarios about this election. Some make sense and others are off the wall. But even those that make sense are mere conjecture at this point. However, I do think that there are signposts that one can observe after the election, whichever way it goes, that will provide some important hints as to whether the whole thing was staged or not. There is one in particular, in my opinion, but I will not state it here . . . not yet.

One thing, however, is almost certain: there will be a measure of chaos and upheaval post election, no matter who “wins.” Amidst this, those elites will be making sure the foundations of their wealth, power, and position are further secured and that your liberty and prosperity are further diminished. On that you can rest assured.

And one more thing: a US Presidential candidate, no matter his message, is not our answer. For us Southern nationalists that answer is the survival, well-being, and independence of the Southern people . . . now.

Michael Hill