1. Dear Dr Hill ,

    I have just been registered in your website under the nickname “Michael Greek “.

    Due to reasons beyond my will, I cannot give you my real last name.

    I hope you will understand.

    I am Greek, European and Orthodox Christian.

    I discovered this website just recently , and I was very excited.

    I have been always fascinated by the History and Heritage of the South.

    My opinion is that the term “American Civil War” is totally wrong.

    What REALLY happened in 1861-65 was INVASION and OCCUPATION of a Nation by another Nation.

    “Slavery” was just a pretext ; the REAL reason was the will of the industrialized North to plunder the resources of the agricultural South.

    620,000 White Men of the best Anglo – Saxon stock were killed for no good reason ; the genetic damage caused by that slaughter was never undone.

    Today we are witnessing the efforts of the Cultural Marxists in Washington to eliminate the Symbols and the Heritage of the South.

    You must know that many people in Europe are watching this conflict.

    The Evil Empire stated in Washington is showing great fear and hatred towards the Confederate flag.

    Well, the Cultural Marxists are right about one thing ;

    The Confederate Flag is INDEED a Powerful Symbol.

    The Confederate Flag is not just about “Southern Heritage” ;

    The Confederate Flag has come to symbolize the Idea of European Christianity as a WHOLE.

    And THAT is what scares the Evil Empire stated in Washington .

    All over Europe, the Confederate Flag symbolizes the Struggle for Freedom and self – determination.

    You can see the Flag in houses, in demonstrations, in soccer matches…..even some leftists in Europe are demonstrating the Flag as a Symbol of Freedom.

    Yet, in the United States this same Flag is banned as a Symbol of “Hate” !!!!!

    I am Greek, White and Christian ; I am PROUD of my Heritage and I do not have to apologize for anything.

    When I read about the charge of the brave Southerners in Gettisburg – the Pickett’s charge – I couldn’t stop the tears in my eyes ; for those Men were the new Spartans.


    1. Thank you sir, for the kind comments. We Southerners wish the Greek people all the best and that you can get out from under the debt slavery that enthralls you.

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