A challenge

DSCN0731We in The League don’t care if “The War” was about slavery, States Rights, economic issues, all three, or none of the above. Furthermore, we don’t care if our ancestors enacted Jim Crow laws and practiced segregation.

You see, the fact is we really don’t care because these were our ancestors, our forebears, our blood. They are us and we are them. The world is a tough, harsh place. Men have been fighting for good lands and scarce resources since time immemorial, and we are no different. Not in 1861 and not in 2015.

We have no time for debating the niceties of history with those who seek our destruction. Moreover, our patience is growing thin with some of our own people who think they can treat with the dishonorable and then trust them to keep their word. We are under no such impression.

We are the antidote to “White guilt.” We stand foursquare for the interests of our people–Southerners. We welcome allies from elsewhere, but we plant our flag as a distinct Folk. Kith and kin. Blood and soil. The ancient faith of our Fathers.

We are here to fight for the survival, well-being, and independence of the Southern people. We will not accept second-class citizenship in the lands conquered, settled, and developed by our ancestors. We will not take a “seat at the table” within a multicultural Dixie. The whole table belongs to us. This is our land–White Man’s Land. We will defend it with every means available to us. We will not allow it to be overrun with a Third World tidal wave such as the one that overwhelmed Rhodesia and South Africa and is now threatening Europe with the same fate. Nor will we consent to its continued exploitation by international business and banking cartels for the benefit of the elites.

No, we will fight for our patrimony like men and women sprung from an heroic and noble lineage. We will do the name and reputation of our ancestors proud. And by God’s favor, we will never surrender to the demonic forces who seek to expunge us and every vestige of our existence from the memory of mankind.

As we say in The Heart of Dixie, Audemus jura nostra defendere–We dare defend our rights.

Michael Hill