A call for Southern unity

LS button image July 2014Now more than ever the Southern movement writ large needs to be unified with a single focus–the survival, well-being, and independence of the Southern people–and a single organization.

The League of the South is uniquely positioned to be that single organization on which the Southern people rally. Unlike the various heritage organizations that are under the thumb of the feds because of their tax-exempt status, the League is free to pursue cultural, social, economic and political goals. Moreover, The League is for all intents and purposes the Southern nationalist movement.

There is no use organizing the South in search of a moderate way and half measures. The neo-Bolsheviks intend to continue their campaign of Cultural Marxist genocide against the South and only a radical and uncompromising organization will be able to stem that tide and reverse it.

For the past quarter century, the Southern movement has been divided into various (and often quarreling) factions based on personality, practicality, and worldview. It is time for that to end.

Indeed it is time for the traditional South to unite and fight back before it is too late to effectively do so. The time for hand-wringing over political correctness is over. We can no longer afford the internal quarrels that keep us from facing the real enemies of our people and culture.

So I am asking all proud Southerners of our kith and kin, blood and soil nation to become Southern nationalists and join with us today. Come prepared to do battle for your survival. Together we will be strong enough to throw our enemies into the sea and banish them forever from our sacred Motherland. Hail Dixie! Hail Victory!

Michael Hill