A blight on the South

Our Southern colleges and universities once were run by Southerners for the purpose of educating Southerners.

Run now by outsiders for outside interests, they cast themselves as oases of culture amid a desert of sloth; islands of knowledge dotting a sea of ignorance; and outposts of tolerance in a wilderness of bigotry.

What they are in reality–Ole Miss included–are pockmarks and lesions debilitating the once-healthy body of the South. It’s time to call in the doctor.

Michael HillConfederate monument at Ole Miss Oct 2015

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  1. Is there any college I can send my kids to get an education that fits Southern values in this day and age? For two years now my wife and I have been trying to find a college for our third eldest son. We are at a loss. Our son graduates high school with honors this year and we still haven’t got a plan.

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