CNN interviews Pat Hines again

Last night South Carolina League of the South Chairman Pat Hines participated in a panel discussion about the Charleston church shootings, the Confederate flag, and Southern Nationalism.


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  1. It is apparent that the carpet baggers have been waiting for a “reason” to denigrate and take down the Confederate flag. From watching the “news”, one might easily forget that a shooting even took place.

    South Carolina needs to “enter the 21st century”? It has been the 21st century for some time now. Maybe they didn’t notice.

    Taking down the Confederate flag will enable “economic empowerment”? How does having a flag up at a memorial for Confederate soldiers keep anybody from participating economically?

    Mr. Hines remarks on cultural genocide were spot on.

    These people can come up with any reason they like. Anybody’s pet project can somehow be magically advanced simply by taking the flag down.


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