Pessimism is not a solution

Marshall and Meagan Gainesville, Ga Aug 2014There is within the broader “Southern movement” a deep-seated, “woe is us” pessimism that is, at best, irritating, and at worst, defeatist. Now, there is nothing wrong with seeing problems and pointing them out. Problems, to be solved, much first be identified and analyzed. But, the pessimism of which I speak is born of true despair, the sort that has already tossed in the proverbial towel and is merely waiting for the sad end of our civilization. Frankly, I am sick and tired of all the moaning and groaning.

I cannot join this group for several reasons. First, when I look at my children and grandchildren, I am reminded why we must fight and win. To lose, especially by adopting a defeatist attitude and giving in to the “inevitable,” is to destroy their future. This I will not do under any circumstances. If indeed the South is in peril of disappearing as a genetic, cultural, and political entity, the first thing these pessimists ought to do is have white, Southern children and have them in large numbers if possible.

Second, I do not think that the South’s enemies are as overwhelming as do some of the pessimists. Yes, they seem to be strong, at least in purely materialistic terms; however, that veneer of “strength” belies the underlying fact that they are morally bankrupt . . . and they know it. The anti-South forces have embraced a worldview based on lies, and that cannot stand. Moreover, they have mocked God. If the South will turn back to the God of their Fathers and repent, then he will not forsake us.

Third, the traditional South has many resources–physical, moral, and spiritual–on which to draw. The South, as its own separate political entity (a true nation-state), would be a world powerhouse. All we as Southern nationalists need do is convince our people of their great potential. Moreover, once Southerners begin to realize their own strength and that the emperor of the USA regime has no clothes, it will not be long before things are turned right again.

So while we must continue to identify and analyze the problems that face the traditional South, we must not allow our people to be overtaken by pessimism and despair. Instead, our job is to show our people the bright future that awaits them and their posterity if only they have the will to grasp it. We invite the pessimists in the South to quit their complaining and join us in The League of the South to make that future a reality.

Michael Hill


  1. Also, does anyone know what happened to the SNN website? It looks like the domain name is up for grabs now. Tried to go there earlier this week and it didn’t take me to the site.

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