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Castro dead

Cuban communist dictator Fidel Castro is dead at age 90. The League of the South celebrates the death of this “progressive” tyrant. He brought the misery of Marxism to the


Children of the Son

Recently, a leader of the Alt-Right gave a speech in which he called whites “children of the sun.” As a Christian and a Southern nationalist, I prefer to call my


SPLC running scared in wake of Trump victory

The Montgomery (Ala.)-based Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) appears to be running scared in the wake of Donald Trump’s stunning Presidential victory this past Tuesday. Richard Cohen, SPLC President, noted


A warning from a Southern nationalist

(The photo on the right is from Lee Circle in New Orleans after Trump’s victory) It is commonplace for the victor in a hotly-contested political race to offer an olive


Trump wins, globalists/progressives reeling

A short statement on the election of Donald Trump 9 November 2016 Once the globalist-progressive coalition of Jews, minorities, and anti-white whites stops reeling in confusion from the results of


A few pre-election thoughts

I know what I had for supper last night. I know what brand of coffee I’m drinking right now, that is if I believe the information on the package label