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When politics fail

This article grew out of a speech I gave in Georgia around the year 2000. I have revised it slightly since I first published it in article form a few


Michael Hill: My pledge of allegiance

I’ll turn 65 on my next birthday. I was born only six years after the end of World War Two. I was alive at the same time as Winston Churchill


Southern flood relief

The recent heavy flooding in Louisiana and parts of Mississippi have affected tens of thousands of our fellow Southerners. And because we look after our own, and ask no help


How long, white man?

How long, white man, will you pretend you are still at peace? The negro rampage in Milwaukee is but the latest and most high profile example of “Get Whitey.” No

Activism News

Secession rally held in Okeechobee

Yesterday members of the Florida League of the South rallied in Okeechobee to spread the message of secession and independence. The rally was held at the main intersection of town


A “Norwegian?”

“A 19-year-old Norwegian man was arrested on suspicion of murder after a knife attack in Central London that killed an American woman and wounded five people, the Metropolitan Police said