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Florida LS State Conference

The Florida League of the South will hold its Annual State Conference on Saturday, 4 June 2016 at Jacksonville Public Library West Branch. (1425 Chaffee Rd S, Jacksonville, Florida 32221)


What was World War Two really about?

As a historian, I find myself speculating from time to time on the question of “what if?” For example, what if the South had won its war for independence in


The state of the modern church

The South would not be what it is without its historic adherence to the Christian faith. We are not called “the Bible Belt” for nothing. The League of the South,


Transgendered bathrooms for everyone!

Just heard that Emperor Obama will tell all US public school systems that they must allow “transgendered” students to use either the men’s or women’s restroom. Welcome to your brave,


Happy Mothers’ Day, y’all!

This is from Barack Hussein Obama’s 2016 Mothers’ Day Proclamation. We indeed are living in strange and perverse times. “Regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or marital status, mothers have