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Announcing the 2016 League of the South National Conference

The 2016 League of the South national conference will be held in the Alabama LS cultural center and headquarters in Wetumpka (Elmore County), Alabama, on 24-25 June (Friday-Saturday). The LS



When Barack Hussein Obama promised to “change America” back in 2008, just what did folks think he meant? To me it was crystal clear. He intended to change America by


Are you ready?

Those who have supported the half century of revolution that has virtually destroyed the foundations of the West are the avowed enemies of those of us who wish to preserve


The Constitution won’t save us

If the Constitution could have helped us stop tyranny and preserve our liberties, it would have done so already. The fact that it couldn’t–and can’t–is why men like Patrick Henry


The NFL and Southerners

It is inconceivable that the front office of the National Football League (NFL) does not approve of and condone the content of the much-heralded Super Bowl halftime show. That being



Post-Christian America continues to fill up its cup of wrath in the face of an angry God. Though I did not watch it, I have heard and read today of