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Shelter in place?

Every time there is a shooting, or what is called so officiously these days “an active shooter situation,” you inevitably hear the phrase “shelter in place.” The first time I


Civil war?

America in 2016 is a tinderbox waiting for a spark. The two sides have divided up nicely and there seems no room for compromise. The inevitable conflict, which draws closer


Multiple rallies held on Lee/Jackson weekend

Folks all across Dixie had rallies to celebrate Lee/Jackson weekend.  In Virginia a large Battle flag was raised over Rt 60 by the Virginia Flaggers. Then, along with other heritage


Lee-Jackson day, 2016

On Monday, 18 January, my home State of Alabama, along with several other Southern States, will officially celebrate General Robert E. Lee’s birthday by closing all State offices. We in


Michael (aka Martin Luther) King, Jr. day

Once again, The League of the South, the premier Southern nationalist organization, calls upon the governments of the Southern States to withdraw any official recognition of the federal holiday for


The crisis of our time

As I write, the major governments of Europe are busy decrying “hate speech” by their own citizens. They are doing this in the wake of the New Year’s Eve assault


Neither discussion nor compliance

The League of the South’s position on Obama’s gun control measures is simple: There will be neither discussion nor compliance. We are free men and women and the issue has


Stand up, white man!

Everywhere you turn these days, whites are being violently assailed by “people of color.” This violence is being pushed, both actively and passively, by liberal Western governments, the elite Jewish-controlled


The more things change . . .

The US government was an organized criminal enterprise in 2015. It is showing every indication of being even worse in 2016. It’s time for Southern secession and independence. Michael Hill


Observations on the situation in Oregon

We continue to watch the unfolding situation at the Malheur National Wildlife Reservation near Burns, Oregon, where white men with “assault weapons” continue to occupy a government lodge. Several reports