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A Statement: the shooting down of a Russian aircraft by Turkey

24 November 2015 Earlier today, Turkish F-16 aircraft shot down a Russian Su-24 bomber. The Turks claimed the Russian warplane was in Turkish airspace; the Russians say it was in


Dangerous Men

I’ve noticed lately a lot of liberal public figures spouting off about how white men with guns are more dangerous than Muslim terrorists. My first question is: Dangerous to whom?


Honor, Violence, and Civilization

(I wrote and published this article in the mid-1990s.) As further evidence that academics frequently miss the obvious one need look no further than the 1996 study by two mid-western


The Narrative

Have you heard the name Amanda Blackburn? Perhaps, but only if you’ve paid attention. Mrs. Blackburn, a preacher’s pregnant wife, was raped and murdered in her Indianapolis home on 10


No jihad in Dixie

The League of the South applauds and supports the various Southern (and other) governors who have used their executive authority to block the entry of Muslim “refugees” into their States.


Paris is burning

Paris, one of the great centers of Western Christian civilization, has been attacked. So far, dozens are confirmed dead and some one hundred taken as hostages. Early reports say that


White cowardice

Over the past few months we’ve seen the #blacklivesmatter movement, writ large, manage to cow a small city in Alabama (Anniston) and now a major, flagship State university (The University


“Unacceptable Behaviour”

The more I watch what is going on in Europe, including the UK, the more I’m convinced that the governments of many of the counties there have 1) either lost