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A blight on the South

Our Southern colleges and universities once were run by Southerners for the purpose of educating Southerners. Run now by outsiders for outside interests, they cast themselves as oases of culture


Ole Miss

In our opinion, here’s how it should be at Ole Miss . . .



Taking down our Southern flags and symbols has nothing to do with creating a “better educational environment” or a “safer society for people of color.” It has everything to do


Rally for the State Flag in Mississippi

The following is a report from Mississippi LS member Jeremy Walls: We arrived at the Ole Miss campus & I knew immediately there would be some problems with the crowd.



If there was ever a case of purposefully insulting white Southerners, it is erecting a monument to Martin Luther King, Jr. (aka Michael King) atop Stone Mountain. Stone Mountain was


On love and hate

The left accuses us of being “haters.” Of course they mean such an epithet to do us harm by marginalizing us from “normal” society. They also mean to convince us