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Kentucky LS says “Feds Out” in Alexandria

On Saturday, 30 May, the Kentucky League of the South held a demonstration in Alexandria. The demonstration’s objective was to spread the messages “Feds Out of Kentucky” and “Secede to


Agenda for 2015 League of the South National Conference

Agenda for 2015 League of the South National Conference “We Are a People: The Meaning of Southern Nationalism” 24-25 July in Wetumpka, Alabama, at the Alabama LS Headquarters building (The


Some hard questions . . .

Some hard questions for our Southern brothers and sisters, most of whom we presume are Christians: Do you or members of your family intend to fight and die for a


LS “Secede” signs available

LS “Secede” signs available . . . If you’d like to pre-order these signs (see image at right) to be picked up in July at the LS national meeting in


Feds out of Kentucky demonstration

Join the Kentucky chapter of The League of the South for a demonstration on Saturday, 30 May, in Alexandria. The theme of the demonstration is “Feds Out of Kentucky.” Come


Pessimism is not a solution

There is within the broader “Southern movement” a deep-seated, “woe is us” pessimism that is, at best, irritating, and at worst, defeatist. Now, there is nothing wrong with seeing problems


The ancient bonds

The godless left hates and fears us because we reject the modern concept of propositional democracy and deracinated individualism and instead embrace transcendent truth, tribalism, kith and kin, and blood


A personal reflection

For more than a quarter century I have been involved, deeply, in very “conservative” (for lack of a better term) activities. Most of those activities have been pro-Southern and pro-Christian.


A few notes on an American race war

As American civilization continues its decline, I hear more and more threats from various negro individuals and organizations, most especially the New Black Panther Party, of a “race war.” Let


Whom will you serve?

This June the US Supreme Court will likely declare same-sex “marriage” to be a constitutional right. At that point, government will have the whip hand over Christians and their institutions,