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League demonstrates for Southern workers in Vidalia, Georgia

On Saturday, 28 March, The League of the South held a public demonstration in Vidalia, Georgia, on behalf of the Southern working class and against immigration. The theme was “Immigration


I’m a good ole rebel (Novorossiya version)

The forces of Novorossiya (New Russia) have already adopted a version of our Southern battle flag. Now, they have adopted perhaps our best “rebel” song, appropriately entitled “I’m a good


Why I’m not an American (re-post)

(A reader asked me to re-post this article, originally posted in February. He said he had made copies to hand out to friends and associates and that most really liked


Forrest billboard in Selma, Alabama, greets civil rights marchers

The weekend of 7-8 March 2015 marked the 50th anniversary of what the US “civil rights” establishment calls “Bloody Sunday.” In 1965, marchers–local and regional negro leaders and outsider leftists


Us vs. Them

Over the past two years, The League has held several public demonstrations across the South, in big cities and small towns. Even though our numbers have been relatively small–from seventy-five


League makes news in Russia again!

The League made news in Russia once again! “Supporters of the Confederate South, held a rally in support of the New Russia in the US.”


Things are not as they appear . . .

We in The League are not fooled by the on-going Barry and Bibi dog and pony show. Ponder this from our own Chief of Staff: 1) The US overthrew Saddam


League demonstration in south Georgia, 28 March 2015

Come and join our demonstration against immigration and for Southern workers in south Georgia on 28 March!