2015 League National Conference

Hello, and welcome to the 2015 League of the South National Conference. Here you can view updates from the conference as it happens. STAY TUNED!

(If you would like to attend this Friday & Saturday come to the League building at 12814 US HWY 231, Wetumpka Alabama)




  1. I have a 22 – years experience as a political activist in my country.

    My experience tells me that you have a REMARKABLE quality of people in the LS.

    All your speakers are great and capable of crushing every opponent in any debate.

    My experience also tells me that historical movements – that is, movements which have the potential to make History – need one more thing ; namely, the RIGHT conditions , the RIGHT window of opportunity if you prefer…

    In my country, the economic crisis was the window of opportunity for my Movement, the GOLDEN DAWN.

    The GOLDEN DAWN had the right people, but it had to wait for almost 30 years before the opportunity presented itself.

    Now we are the 3rd strongest political Party – and rising.

    For the LS, the window of opportunity is NOW.

    The attack of the Cultural Marxists against Southern Heritage is moving a lot of Southerners towards radicalization.

    The LS has the potential of a Historic Movement ; NOW is your chance !!!

    In every gathering, in every demonstration all across the South, you have to be present !!!

    Spread your message, recruit, grow in numbers and make History !!!

  2. This was the second LS National Conference that I was privileged to enjoy, resulting in my being more excited than before in the cause of Southern Independence. The talks and fellowship were up building, the demo even better than last years. Please allow me to express my heartfelt thanks to all who had a hand planning and preparing for this event. The only advice I could give is to start looking for a larger hall, I believe your hard work is about to be rewarded!

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