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In defense of our blood

Shortly after we formed The League in 1994, I was a guest on the Alan Colmes radio show on WABC in New York. Colmes, who at that time was the

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The symbolism of the Black Cross of Southern nationalism

  The Black Cross of Southern nationalism is highly symbolic. Besides being an ancient symbol associated with certain of our people, it has other meanings. It is a stark and


Twelve fundamental rules for Southern nationalists

1. The mantra “Violence [or the serious threat thereof] never settles anything” is patently false. History shows that it indeed does settle many things. Please don’t forget this—your enemy hasn’t.


A political victory for us in Maryland!

The League office received the following e-mail today. This means that after a vote recount, our Southern Nationalist candidate won the primary election! Dr. Hill: I am happy to report


An interesting report from the Tennessee LS State Chairman

I just invested two days at the Federal Reserve Bank offices in Nashville attending a seminar on international trade. The South is in a very well leveraged position for our


The League is growing

William Flowers, Vice-Chairman of the Georgia League of the South, wrote recently: “The League is growing younger, more radical, and more aggressive with each passing year.” That is an excellent


Liberal democracy v. Organic nationalism

Since the 18th century Enlightenment, the West has made an idol of liberal democracy. It has in effect become the political default position of most Westerners, including most Americans. We


For your 4th of July reading pleasure

THE TREASON OF THE ELITES Southerner, do you curl up in the corner and tremble in fear when someone calls you a “racist?” Neither do we. Because the enemies of


League of the South memes: Are you Southern nationalist material?

When you consider that the USA is a failed leftist multicultural experiment, then you realize just how important The League of the South’s work is. If you think like we