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Michael Hill a great day for Southern Nationalism 19 May 2014We continue to watch the unfolding situation at the Malheur National Wildlife Reservation near Burns, Oregon, where white men with “assault weapons” continue to occupy a government lodge. Several reports put the total of white occupiers at about 150; however, other (what we consider more reliable) reports put the total at a much more modest 15-20 white men. Moreover, at this point we are not sure if we are witnessing a false flag op, set up by agents provocateur. Time perhaps will tell. Until then, we’ll continue to observe and assess the situation.

But there is still much upon which to comment. Why, for instance, the emphasis on “white men” in the above paragraph? Well, we’re just going along with the slant being placed on this event by the elite media and their hangers-on in the blogosphere! What a bonanza for the left, especially since it coincides so well with Obama’s new year’s push against gun owners! Angry white men armed with those dreadful “assault weapons” occupying a federal facility perfectly fits the left’s wet-dream version of “domestic terrorism.” Never mind the fact that this has been so far a peaceful occupation of an empty and isolated federal property; there has been no looting, no burning and destruction of property, and no injuries. In fact, from what we’ve been told, it is a pretty boring scene (unlike Ferguson and Baltimore).

Nonetheless, the regime and its lapdog media got a nice little delayed Christmas present. And some “progressives” are playing it for all its worth, calling for the feds to bring down the bloody hammer on these “domestic terrorists.”

Lately, the left has been rather bloodthirsty (e.g. TV personality Montel Williams). But leftists will not be the ones with actual blood on their soft hands. No, they want the hired guns of government to do the dirty work while they stand off at a safe distance. At least those on the right are man enough to put themselves on the line and do their own blood-letting! Can’t you see why the left wants you to be unarmed, white man?

Another point of leftist hypocrisy that ought to be pointed out is the fact that “progressives” have for long (at least since the 1960s) used the occupation of public property as a central tactic of their campaigns against “injustice.” If memory serves,  former Attorney General Eric Holder himself participated in a campus occupation once upon a time. So it’s just fine when the left occupies (and in many cases damages or destroys) public property. However, when white men do it in support of a beleaguered ranching family, the left calls for them to be killed as terrorists by the authorities. Some on the left are pushing things dangerously close to open conflict with what we call “average folks.” They had better stop and think about what that might mean for them personally if that genie escapes the bottle.

We will continue to watch with great interest what transpires in the wilds of Oregon. And if the situation warrants, we’ll issue an official statement from The League.

Michael Hill



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  1. I would like to see more of this. Treason, lawlessness and corruption runs rampant in the federal government. It is time to start picking our fights and taking a stand. “False flag” or not this is a good reminder to the powers that be…armed disobedience is going to get increasingly common place. There are countless examples of government gone off the rails that deserve a response such as this.

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