In Case You’re Wondering

The lawsuit, Sines v. Kessler, in which Michael Hill, Michael Tubbs, and The League of the South were co-defendants, ended on Tuesday, November 23, with a hung jury on two of the three claims that pertained. Those two claims were for Conspiracy to Commit Violence on the Basis of Race and Failure to Stop the Conspiracy. The plaintiffs may or may not opt for a new trial on those two federal claims.

The third claim of Conspiracy (to do what, we don’t know) was a charge brought under Virginia State law. On that claim the jury awarded seven of the nine plaintiffs $1.00 each in compensatory damages (essentially recognizing that they were not injured) plus $500,000 in punitive damages per individual defendant and $1 million per organization. Hence, Hill, Tubbs, & The League were hit with total punitive damages of $2 million. However, a Virginia state statute limits punitive damages to $350,000 per defendant, and motions are in the process of being filed, which, if applied, would drastically reduce damages.

Additionally, a Supreme Court case from the 1990s set a precedent for punitive damages not to exceed nine times the compensatory damages awarded. If applied, this ruling would significantly reduce the total amount owed by Hill, Tubbs, & The League.

Regardless of the outcome of the motions and appeals made in the coming months, The League of the South will continue as long as your support of us continues. We have been surprised and gratified by the amount of support, both moral and financial, that we have received since the lawsuit was filed over four years ago. That is why we are still here. We maintain our innocence of the claims against us and we intend to fight them as long as necessary.

A new issue of The Free Magnolia will be out as soon as we can put one together. As you can imagine, we’ve been awaiting the outcome of the trial.

We solicit your continued interest, support, and prayers. As long as we have operating funds and people like you who are behind us, the leftist agenda cannot stop us. We know that the principles of our Southern and Christian ancestors, who were right almost two centuries ago, still drive you. They drive us too. As Jefferson Davis remarked, those principles, in defeat in his day, would have to await another time and place. This may be that time and place. If so, we are indeed an honored generation.

Sincerely, for Southern independence,

Michael Hill

Welcome to The League of the South

“We seek to advance the cultural, social, economic, and political well-being and independence of the Southern people, by all honorable means.”

The League of the South is a Southern nationalist organization, headquartered in Killen, Alabama, whose ultimate goal is “a free and independent Southern republic.” The League defines the Southern United States as the states that make up the Confederate States of America. While political independence ranks highly among our goals, we are also a religious and social movement, advocating a return to a more traditional, conservative Christian-oriented Southern culture.

A politically independent sovereign state is not required for “nationhood.” Scots form a “nation” although they do not have their own state. The South remains very much a nation even though it has not been an independent sovereign “nationstate” since 1865. Even then the Confederate States of America were not a unitary state but a confederation of independent sovereign States.

The League of the South is the largest, most organized, and foremost advocate for the Southron people in a day and age that is growing increasingly hostile to our very existence. Our culture is being sacked by an unholy crusade of leftist agitators and foreign religions and our very physical survival depends on us organizing and effectively defending ourselves from this enemy who seeks to eliminate us from the planet earth. If we fail to do this then not only will there be no more Southern flags and monuments, but soon there will be no more Southern people. We will all have been erased and our birthrights and those we intend to hand down to our children will have been given to foreigners and strangers who have no love for our way of life. We are being purposefully replaced by people who hate the Bible, they hate our ancestors, they hate our families, and they hate us with such a passion they would stop at nothing to see our culture and bloodline eradicated forever. This is why it is absolutely imperative that we rally what is left of our people, our resources, and every last vestige of Western Civilization in Dixie; to stand together and secure a future in which OUR culture can survive, dominate and thrive.

For the South, cultural as well as political secession is the only practical, the only realistic, and the only moral choice.

Deo Vindice (With God as Our Protector)!