What’s wrong with a “whiter America?”

Battle flag and SN flag combined with full star in middle“Where could the demonizing and dehumanizing of the foreign born lead but to a whiter America?”

New York Times
Editorial Board Article, Feb. 2017

It is clear that The New York Times is anti-white and anti-Christian. I know that’s hard to believe, but it’s true!

So the opposite of a “whiter America” would have to be a “browner America,” and that’s what the Cultural Marxists have wanted for decades. If you don’t believe me, do some research on The Frankfurt School, that nest of internationalist Communist Jews that was allowed to move from Europe to America in the 1930s to escape the much-deserved wrath of European nationalism.

As one of the “fake news” organs of international Jewry, The New York Times makes no bones about pushing their vision for the North American continent. And that is to make the founding white stock into a hated and despised minority that will be eventually put out of existence, along with their historic Christian faith.

This is why the work of The League and other American white nationalist groups here and in Europe is so important. As for us Southern nationalists, we are at the very top of the left’s hate pyramid. They hate us, the inhabitants of the “Bible Belt,” because we stand for everything they wish to eradicate. This is why we must reveal them for who they are, engage them, and drive them and their sordid influence from our historic homeland in Dixie. Otherwise, they will destroy us with a continued onslaught of non-white immigrants and “refugees,” supported by the ideology of Cultural Marxism (multiculturalism, tolerance, and diversity).

This is a fight for our very survival, well-being, and independence. If we fail, we shall leave nothing but misery for our posterity. If we win–and by God’s grace, we shall–we leave a goodly inheritance for our children and grandchildren.

Michael Hill