The League and Nationalist Front at Shelbyville, 28 October

LS Michael Hill and Michael Tubbs leading Shelbyville Oct 2017The League of the South and the Nationalist Front had a successful “White Lives Matter” demonstration in Shelbyville, Tennessee, on Saturday, 28 October. In all, we had about 300 attendees and the event was peaceful, thanks to the professionalism demonstrated by local and State law enforcement. Unlike Charlottesville, the peace was kept by thorough planning and on-site action by the authorities.

The only drawback to the increased security measures was that it took us a lot of time to pass through the two checkpoints before we got to our rally area. Because of these delays, we were not able to leave early to make our way to Henry Horton State Park for lunch and fellowship; thus by the time we finished at the park we did not have time to go to Murfreesboro to demonstrate there. This might have been a fortunate turn of events since we had received earlier in the week actionable intelligence that said Murfreesboro was a potential set-up for lawsuits against the League and the other Nationalist Front organizations. We don’t walk into potential traps where we cannot win. Instead, we fight battles we intend to win, and Shelbyville was one of these.

In Shelbyville we got our message out, had a fun and peaceful rally (like we had hoped to do in Charlottesville), and enjoyed the fellowship of other Southern/white nationalists. All in all, it was a profitable day for the League and our allies.

Michael Hill