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Michael Hill: My pledge of allegiance

I’ll turn 65 on my next birthday. I was born only six years after the end of World War Two. I was alive at the same time as Winston Churchill


A message to the rats . . .

“We can promise them and their allies this. That their campaign to destroy our culture and its images will be taken as a campaign to destroy our blood. It is


A personal reflection

For more than a quarter century I have been involved, deeply, in very “conservative” (for lack of a better term) activities. Most of those activities have been pro-Southern and pro-Christian.


A couple of observations

Take what the US government tells you and then believe the opposite.–Michael Hill If a man waits for the US government to tell him who to fight, then he likely


Michael Hill’s interview with Richard Spencer



The right cause . . .

The right cause brings forth the right enemies.–Michael Hill