An observation on the Alt-Right

donald-trump-dec-2016Some members (and former members) of The League have eloped with the Alt-Right, caught up in all the excitement of Trump’s Presidential victory. This is nothing I didn’t expect, especially from some of our younger members.

But I warn them to be cautious for at least three reasons: 1) the Alt-Right is a new, largely internet-based movement. Because of its amorphous and mercurial nature, it may or may not have any staying power. Unlike Southern nationalism or the various Euro-nationalist movements, which have an historic tradition and/or an “on-the-street” presence in real life, the Alt-Right does not. Moreover, Trump has pretty much disavowed any connections with the Alt-Right, making moot any claims (true or not) that the latter got him elected. 2) Trump likely will disappoint the true nationalist right by his cabinet choices and his policies as President. And 3) the Alt-Right has no basis in our historic Christian faith. White Europe and its offspring (the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, et al) will not be resurrected as Christendom–its only hope of true freedom and prosperity–by adopting secularism as its worldview.

New, shiny toys can beguile and distract. Don’t be fooled. Our problems are deep-seated and will not be solved overnight by memes and the politicians they purportedly help elect. Our problems likely will be solved the old-fashioned way, and the Alt-Right is not equipped to handle that scenario.

Michael Hill


  1. Thank you so much for this message, Dr. Hill!

    Though I and my beloved wife supported Mr. Trump, and expect some good things to come of him, we did so simply because we acknowledge that, as of November 8, 2016, our fellow Southerners were, still, refusing to consider dealing with our ‘deep-seated problems’ … ‘the old-fashioned way’.

    Furthermore, I am very grateful to you in pointing out that, though the Alt-Right, is, in certain respects, a welcome sight, it is NOT a long-term solution, because there can be no South without Jesus Chryst; for, indeed, if such were to be, then it would be only another convoluted Yankee concoction belying the name.

    Though we remain open to certain points of view, and, perhaps, very open, to flexible approaches to solutions, some things, such as Oure Lord and Savior, are absolutely not up for consideration.

    I reckon that, for the same very same reason we must reject the notion of a deracinated South, we must reject the notion of a de-Chrystianated South.

    Any diluting of our proof, with New England hypotheticals would be like adding methyl alcohol to ether alcohol, and, thus, would poison the brew.

    God bless you and your leadership!

    Sincerely, Ivan Turgenev/Junius Daniel

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