A warning from a Southern nationalist


(The photo on the right is from Lee Circle in New Orleans after Trump’s victory)

It is commonplace for the victor in a hotly-contested political race to offer an olive branch to the loser in the form of a pledge to work together and govern in the interests of everyone. This might work in a homogeneous society in which most of the fundamental things are agreed upon by both the winning and losing sides. However, in modern multicultural, multi-racial America it will not work. The interests of the two sides are diametrically opposed and it amounts to the old zero-sum game–we win, you lose.

In the immediate aftermath of his victory, Donald Trump offered that olive branch to the left. Let’s hope he’s not serious.

So here is my warning to the victors: do not go back to sleep and think all is well. If you don’t finish the job by routing your enemies and driving them into the sea while you have the chance, they will re-group and be back at your throats in no time! You have been given a reprieve by God (probably undeservedly so); do not give your enemies and His a reprieve.

Their goal is to dispossess you of everything. If you have not heard that over the past year, then you have not been listening. Just what the hell do you think multiculturalism, diversity, and tolerance are all about? Your enemies care nothing about those things. They are merely used as weapons against you for your dispossession and ultimate destruction. The sum of their effect is White Guilt.

I listened to CNN for a while last night, early on during the election returns. One thing struck me above all else: the glee in their voices and countenances when they spoke of various areas that had been taken over by progressives of various stripes. The CNN on-air people were delighted to report that the old stock inhabitants who once controlled the area were being outvoted by recent immigrants and transplants who supported Hillary Clinton.

These media elites (and others of their elite ilk) look forward to the demise of old white America and the rise of a new paradigm in which they will hold sway. You will be dispossessed, sequestered in the equivalent of ghettos, and will be a despised and hated minority in the country your ancestors built.

You, by God’s grace, may have been given a short reprieve from this scenario. Redeem the time! As for me, I recommend that we get busy with Southern independence. We need our own country, and it must be run by us for our own interests. It must once again be White Man’s Land.

Michael Hill